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Monday, March 12, 2012

Rice Puller Buyer(only RP) (General)

Hi sellers/mediators, 

We are copper iridium buyers(rice puller).If you having any 

genuine copper iridium

material means get back to us. Within 48 hrs, We will be at 

show.After checking material,If item is genuine we will 

show proofs and release token amount.Deal time is 4 weeks.


1.Advance Fees is mandatory for except New Delhi.

2.Delhi people can arrange free show.(Condition Apply)

3.We are dealing only in RP. So other materials couldn't be done.

Mail us your Complete Details to


  1. Dear Sir,

    I have an Archaeological Curio Article for sale with my client. The article is ready and the transaction will take place through you. We will show you (and company rep.) the article at Goa. The rest of the terms and conditions will be discussed in the meeting. The description of the article is as follows in the previous mail as you know the article is copper iridium. The weight of the article is 4.5 kg and MR is min. 55 and RR is min. 28. The article is packed in a package kit set no. WTW set no 340 I
    I request you to please give me the some information of the buyer company.

    1) Name of the company:

    2) Name of the MD of the company:

    3) Where is the head office of the company?:

    4) How much token will be given after show and successful test of the article?:

    5) After the test, how many days will it take to complete the transaction:

    6) Please tell if the buyer has all the necessary legal compliance documents regarding purchase of this type of articles:

    7) Can you tell the fixed date on which you will come to see the article?:

    Please let us know if you are a member of Indian Numismatic society. This deal will be legal viz. within the framework of India laws. We expect a speedy reply from you.

  2. Hi i have real RP (copper iridium) with test of defence of india
    mail me on

  3. Hi i have real RP (copper iridium) with test of defence of india
    mail me on


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